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Course Description

Training fatigue may set in if the training specialist conducts the same workshop to many batches of participants week after week. Despite one’s repertoire of techniques and technology gadgets, the sheer repetition of content may create an oh-no-not-again feeling. Playing IMPROVS Games assures a fresh, new, always unpredictable yet manageable approach in training. Though the games have rules, the topics and the participants change all the time, thus it can be claimed that “no three training days are ever the same”.

Learning Methodologies

  • Brief lectures
  • Demonstration
  • Role play / Interactive Gamed
  • Group work  Reflection / Sharing

Course Objectives

A participant who actively participates and successfully completes the workshop will:

  • increase familiarity with IMPROVS rules and games
  • play and give feedback on actual IMPROVS games
  • apply IMPROVS games in training thru a simulated team-teaching training

Course Outline

Welcome / Orientation
Theoretical Framework
▪ What is IMPROVS?
▪ Brief History of IMPROVS
▪ Why IMPROVS Games in Training?
Presentation of IMPROVS Games While Training
For each IMPROVS game introduced, the process entails:
▪ Title of Game
▪ Rules of Game
▪ Brief Demo
▪ Actual Play
▪ Benefits of the Game
▪ Processing
IMPROVS Games on:
Communication Wit
Team-Building Fluency
Critical Thinking Confidence
Creative Thinking Letting Go
Application of Learning
▪ Rehearsal and Practice Time
▪ Team Play:
Each group conducts TWO different IMPROVS games
▪ on company-related topic
▪ in simulated training
Recap / Summary

Target Competencies

  1. Self-Mastery
  2. Relationship Management
  3. Management of the Learning Function

Investment Rate

PSTD Member : Php 12,000.00
PSTD Non – Member : Php 14,000.00
Inclusive of AM and PM snack, Handouts and Certificates

Course Content

Introduction to Mentoring

  1. Personal Concept and Experience in Mentoring
  2. What is Mentoring?
  3. Mentoring: From Athena to the 21st Century
  4. The Difference between Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring
  5. Does Mentoring Add Value to Organizations?


Mentoring as a Transformative Learning Experience

  1. Levels of Adult Learning: Acting, Reframing, and Transforming
  2. The Essence of Transformative Learning
  3. Mentoring and Transformative Learning as a Model of Growth


The Mentoring Relationship

  1. Neuroscience Basis for Mentoring Relationship
  2. Phases of a Mentoring Relationship
  3. Mentoring Competencies
    1. Understanding Self
    2. Commitment to Self-Development
    3. Managing the Contract
    4. Building the Relationship
    5. Enabling Insights and Learning
    6. Outcome and Action Orientation
    7. Use of Models and Techniques
    8. Evaluating and Closure
  4. Self-Assessment of Mentoring Competencies

Mentoring Conversations

  1. Contracting
  2. Clarifying Goals and Decisions
  3. Contributing Ideas and Perspectives
  4. Challenging and Critiquing
  5. Creating Insights
  6. Connecting People
  7. Concluding


Mentoring and Culture

  1. A Framework for Mentoring in the Organization
  2. Mentoring Culture Audit
  3. Embedding Mentoring in the Organizational Culture


Personal and Organizational Development Planning in Mentoring
Course Integration

Learning Methods  :

  1. Lecture
  2. Individual Reflection and Self-Assessment
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Case Analysis
  5. Role Play
  6. Video

Pido Aguilar Jr.

Resource Speaker

Founder / Owner
ABUNDANCE Corporate Training for All
Inner Life Consultant

  • International Inspirational & Motivational Speaker for Conferences,Conventions
  • 2008 Global HR Excellence Award given at Mumbai, India
  • M. A. Educational Administration, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Teacher, Educator, Resource Person for 30++ years.
  • Writer & Author of six books, including Write Right Away!, “Starting Today!”
  • “Only Love, Forever Love” and The 7 Heartsets of True Abundance!
  • Editor: “ Ateneo Children’s Theater” and Prep Up for PEPS (Project Management)
  • International Columnist: “Positively Affirming” for BALITA, Toronto-based newspaper
  • International Jury, Miss Canada (2012, 2014 & 2015)
  • MTRCB Deputy
  • Monthly Radio Veritas Guest
  • PSTD ( Philippine Society for Training & Development ) President 2007
  • Board of Trustee 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011
  • Vice-President, Internal Affairs 2011, 2012
  • HILOM President 2010 – 2011