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Course Description

The Training Fundamentals: The Essential Course for Training Design and Delivery is a three (3) day foundation course that aims to introduce and develop the technical competencies of participants specifically in the areas of training needs analysis and assessment, instructional design, delivery, and evaluation of  needs-based and learner-centered training interventions.

Target Participants

Trainers, Educators, Learning Professionals who are new to the learning and development role or who need to further enhance their competencies in designing relevant, responsive and high-impact learning events.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants shall be able to:
  1. Assess training needs at strategic and individual levels
  2. Formulate learning objectives that will address identified learning needs
  3. Explain the step-by-step process in designing a learning activity for adult learners
  4. Learn essential factors in developing instructional materials that will aid and support the effective delivery of learning interventions
  5. Identify the different levels of training evaluation and measurement of trainingeffectiveness
  6. Explain the concept and principles of workplace learning and performance (WLP)
  7. Identify their various roles and responsibilities as WLP practitioners

Target Competencies

Awareness on WLP Technical Competencies:
  1. Measurement and Evaluation
  2. Design and Development of Learning Interventions
  3. Delivery of Learning Interventions
  4. Learning Intervention Administration / Management
  5. Learning Technology Literacy

Investment Rate

PSTD Members: Php 15,000 inclusive of VAT<
PSTD Non-members: Php 17,000 inclusive of VAT